(1) Pain relief (back, arthritis, fibromyalgia)
(2) Weight control, weight management
(3) Immune system enhancement
(4) Stress reduction, stress management
(5) Exfoliation of toxic metals and other toxins – body detoxification, mercury detoxification. Also detoxification of aluminum, dioxins, PCB’s, cadmium, toxins from plastic products, lead and nickel.
(6) Wound healing, cut healing
(7) Reduction of swelling, inflammation, especially muscles, joints, neck
(8) Hyperthermia—elevated temperature kills pathogens and helps heal
(9) Cardiovascular system,fitness,helth improvements, lower blood pressure, improved elasticity of arteries, cardiac rehab.20 to 30 FIR minute session similar to six mile run in cardiovascular effect, burning up to 800 calories.
(10) Boost metabolic rate
(11) Warm up cold hands & feet
(12) Sweat from exercise not as effective as detox sweat, since exercise activates sympathetic nervous system, allowing more toxin elimination
(13) Stimulate hypothalamus, which controls neurochemicals involved in sleep, mood pain, blood pressure
(14) Improve lymph circulation by sweating out toxins
(15) Lower 2-5% of body fat in 20 minutes as fat liquifies at 42 degrees centigrade
(16) No need to pre-heat .Sweat quickly (10-15 minutes)
(17) Odor proof detox
(18) Promotes cell regeneration –cells regenerate every 28 days